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India Marie & B~Love

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Welcome to she & I

One of the best relationship podcasts. Join the hosts, B~Love and India Marie, every Tuesday for a new episode. B~Love and India Marie are somewhat newlyweds as they have been married a little under 5 years. With a new edition to their family, Blake (B~Love 2), they give you a look into their lives as they navigate marriage, raising their son, and still maintaining their identity as individuals. Joggling their "9-5 jobs" and all of their personal endeavors from India Marie's blog, and all of B~Love's hustles, they make time for each other. The couple focuses on keeping the podcast fun and transparent while dropping some gems. Tune in to hear some unqualified advice from B~Love during his relationTIP segment, discover What Would India Do (WWID) as she answers questions submitted by the listeners, and stick around for the topic of the week. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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